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Welcome to MLP-OC-RP where you can RP with as many ponies as you can, it's unlimited! To make a pony this is required:

Type of Pony:
Cutie Mark:
Speclizes in:
Part of the Cutie Hunters?: (info here:… or in the FAQ)

Questions? Check here:…

Citizens of Ponyville:…

:bulletred:No trolling, spamming, or harassing of other members.
:bulletred: Try to keep the mature content on low. Anything that needs above the usual warning should probably not be in here. Blood and gore is OK, and so are mild suggestive themes, but nothing too bad, keep it PG-13. If we see something that's too harsh, we'll take it down.
:bulletred: Anything that is not allowed by DeviantArt is not allowed here, nuff said.
:bulletyellow: If we catch you violating the rules, we will warn you, if you persist, we will kick you out and ban you if it;s bad enough. (And if you do something very bad, I'll send the trolls after you!)
:bulletyellow: If someone's bothing you or we don't catch something that shouldn't be in the gallery, note us. It's completely anonymous and only the admins see it.


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-Icon contest: coming soon

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Since, well, we have zero (as in 0, none, nada, cero) entries for the icon contest, I have another idea.
I, Dallas, can make pixel icon pretty well. I made my own icon for myself. So, if you would like, I can attempt to make an icon, but I need some help from my fellow bronies and pegasisters.

I need your permission to put one of your OCs in the icon. just comment below wiht a link to a picture of your OC, and I will try to make it happen!:la:

Also, Shark-tail-X will not be online as much, so I'm going to be the driving force in this place until she is. If you ahve any questions, comments, or concerns, come to me, please!

Thank you and lvoe,
Co-Founder in Cheif
Ok so I think we didn't think this contest throughly enough so I will extend it to Febuaray 28th. I guess by then there will be more members who will partiitpate in this contest. We also need more artwork. So please submit as much artwrok of your pony/brony OC AS POSSIBLE:3

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Name: Pastel Tornado


Type of Pony:Pegasus

Appearence:Pink Coat,Pastel rainbow mane and tail,rainbow colored wings,Pastel dark blue bow

Skills:Magic,Drawing,Coloring,Changing own body color,Wings Glow 

Cutie Mark:Pastel rainbow tornado

Speclizes in: Coloring

Bio:She lives in Ponville Her parents and big sister.She got her cutie mark when she colored a colorles tree using a pastel tornado that she made.She can do magic when she accidentally fell into a magic rainbow pond that can make her do magic and color thing without using coloring tools.
Im sorry about the lick icon i forgot the space
karichan11 Dec 17, 2013  Student General Artist
Name: MintGreen
Gender: female
Type of Pony:Pegasus
Appearence: my icon (light blue, aqua and white mane , pink eyes)
Skills: Programming, Art
Cutie Mark:Laptop
Speclizes in: Programming

Name: Flash Flood

Gender: Filly

Type of Pony: Pegasus 

Appearance: Stormy grey coat, Blue and light blue Spiky pixie cropped mane, Grey eyes and front legs are blue. 

Skills: Flying through rain, Playing hoofball

Cutie Mark: 
Light grey cloud with sprinkles of rain and Two white flashes near the top
Talent: Making it rain and causing a Flash Floods
Personality: Loud, Cocky, Boastful, Rude, Tomboyish, Reckless, Know it all, Confident, Daring, Brave and Jokey

Speclizes in: Making it Rain 

Bio: Grew up in Cloudsdale, she had a happy foalhood as her parents treated her well. Her father was into sports and turned her into a basic tomboy. While her their mom spent time with 
her twin sister and turned her sister into a girly girl,which causes major sibling rivalry. Flash also has an other little sister who is torn between each sister. 
She joined flight camp and trait ex into Ponyville high (which she is currently in Junior year) and she is on the Jr weather team training to be a Rain weather pony. 


this is my OC Trent


Name Trent(named after the singer if NIN)

Breed unicorn

Color steel gray

Maine/tail black

Cutie mark a guitar

Back story

He was raised in canterlot(the shitty part(c'mon you know it has won)he lived a normal life with his mom and dad as a little foal but his dad was some what abusive to him and his mom and at times his mom showed a bit of a uncaring way towards him(she loved him but yet couldn't stand him)he earned his cutie mark with his two friends Orion and kitul as they all played in there little jam session then when he finished high school his mom suddenly died of cancer and this made his dad sell the house and move to the other side of canterlot(but he lied to Trent and said he was moving to Philadelphia this was just his dads way making shire his sun don't come looking for him EVER AGAIN he tried to go with his dad but his dad wouldn't allow him to go his dad told him he’s done raising and caring for other ponies(his dad later dies of a heart attack)so then after getting beat up by his dad his dad gives him 1000 bits from the sell if the house and leaves Trent there to fend for himself he then meets a girl a earth pony named swasey who lead him on for the next year she makes him thanks he loves her but after a few months she starts telling him she wants them to see other ponies but he don't he says he loves her and wants to be with her this makes her annoyed then she starts going clubbing till early hours if the morning witches Claus him to stay up all the time and get little sleep and he then starts to thank she’s cheating on him with other stallions but he refuses to believe it but one day he comes to her in bed with another stallion(and to that stallions surprise he didn't know that she was with Trent)and this causes him to freak the fuck out and take the money and leave(witch she had it to where she knew she would get caught thus making him leave her)he then says buck canterlot and move to ponyville and meet the main 6 along with vinyl and octavia who he then moves in with(vinyl and Tavi)

Hi do just how do I join this group? I have an oc do I just put his info hear or where do I go first?
I planned on Roleplaying, but I have a question, are changelings allowed?
Name: Rosey Petals

Gender: mare (female)

Type of Pony: earth

Appearence: blue-green coat with pinkish roses, dark blue hair, and blue eyes.

Skills: gardening, reading

Cutie Mark: rose with petals falling from it

Speclizes in: gardening

Bio: Rosey Petals lived in Ponyville all her life. 
Her mother was the first to show her what a rose was.
She earned her cutie mark by taking the roses home, then trying to glue on the petals that fell when she was a filly.
She also gained her love of gardening from her mother, and learned to read from her father.
bacondog Jul 21, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Name: Brainstorm

Gender: Male

Type of Pony: Unicorn

Appearence: Dark-grey coat with black hooves and muzzle. The mane is a short black and white up-do and the tail is black and short, tied into a pony-tail.(ironic, right?) 

Skills: Magic, cooking, sewing, literature

Cutie Mark: A grey, cloud-like brain with a white thunder-bolt coming from the bottom.

Speclizes in: Creative-Thought

Bio: Born into the busy streets of Manehattan, Brainstorm moved in with his granny Rose Pedal in Ponyville at a young age. It wasn't until his first visit to the town library and he tucked into the book “The Mysterious Minds of Mares” that he developed his passion for creative thought. 
  Rather than a single hobby, his passion lies in finding new solutions and creative answers to his and other ponies’ problems. One day shortly after, he was coming up with easier ways for his grandmother to run her flower shop. It was after he spent the day swapping out the brighter, more eye-catching arrangements to stand outside the front of the store around the signs and widows that he had realized his cutie mark had come in. 
  Shortly after he opened a shop of his own with a unique sales-target; it was an odd-job help shop. He runs it to this day and tries to help the citizens of Ponyville with everything from cleaning out garages to talking out personal problems. 
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