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Welcome to MLP-OC-RP where you can RP with as many ponies as you can, it's unlimited! To make a pony this is required:

Type of Pony:
Cutie Mark:
Speclizes in:
Part of the Cutie Hunters?: (info here:… or in the FAQ)

Questions? Check here:…

Citizens of Ponyville:…

:bulletred:No trolling, spamming, or harassing of other members.
:bulletred: Try to keep the mature content on low. Anything that needs above the usual warning should probably not be in here. Blood and gore is OK, and so are mild suggestive themes, but nothing too bad, keep it PG-13. If we see something that's too harsh, we'll take it down.
:bulletred: Anything that is not allowed by DeviantArt is not allowed here, nuff said.
:bulletyellow: If we catch you violating the rules, we will warn you, if you persist, we will kick you out and ban you if it;s bad enough. (And if you do something very bad, I'll send the trolls after you!)
:bulletyellow: If someone's bothing you or we don't catch something that shouldn't be in the gallery, note us. It's completely anonymous and only the admins see it.


:bulletblack: Contest :bulletblack:
-Icon contest: coming soon

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The Cutie Hunters
Short Stories


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Since, well, we have zero (as in 0, none, nada, cero) entries for the icon contest, I have another idea.
I, Dallas, can make pixel icon pretty well. I made my own icon for myself. So, if you would like, I can attempt to make an icon, but I need some help from my fellow bronies and pegasisters.

I need your permission to put one of your OCs in the icon. just comment below wiht a link to a picture of your OC, and I will try to make it happen!:la:

Also, Shark-tail-X will not be online as much, so I'm going to be the driving force in this place until she is. If you ahve any questions, comments, or concerns, come to me, please!

Thank you and lvoe,
Co-Founder in Cheif
Ok so I think we didn't think this contest throughly enough so I will extend it to Febuaray 28th. I guess by then there will be more members who will partiitpate in this contest. We also need more artwork. So please submit as much artwrok of your pony/brony OC AS POSSIBLE:3

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nightwisper40 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Name: Allie
Gender: Male
Type of Pony: Draconaquus
Appearence: *Will dig up a pic of him lator*
Skills: Makeing friends, Being usless in scary situations
Cutie Mark: N/A
Speclizes in: Being totally UP*Underpowerd* For his kind (Aka useing light Chaos magic*
Will RP
Part of the Cutie Hunters?:  lol NOPE!
nightwisper40 Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2014
Omg yush JoiningQ!
TheRabbitWhoHovers Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2014  Student Writer
(here's my OC, might make an image of him in the future)

Name: Book Worm
Gender: Stallion
Type of Pony: Earth Pony
Appearence: Light Brown coat, with blackish brown mane and tail. Tail is really short, mane is short, but spiked up in the front. Wears glasses, and has green eyes.
Skills: Smart with animals, knows how to take care of them, knows what kind of animal makes certain tracks or marks on trees, rocks, etc.
Cutie Mark: A leather covered book with a cat paw print on the center.
Speclizes in: Knowledge on animals
Bio: Book Worm comes from Manehatten, but he never did get accustomed to life in the city. On one fateful visit to a cousin in Apploosa, he realized how much more in tune he was with nature and small towns than to cities. When he was in Apploosa a third time, he helped track down an animal that was raiding the apple orchards, and discovered it to be a raccoon, just by the looks of the tracks it left. When he and his cousin discovered that he was right, his cutie mark appeared. After that, he moved to Apploosa, to help out the others with making sure few animals took the apples as possible.
He is somewhat shy around other ponies, but can be defensive over ponies who treat animals with little to no respect. He wants to find a mare that has similar interests, but his shyness makes it tough to even talk to a mare casually.
ringlerzach Featured By Owner Jul 14, 2014
(pony oc)

Name: Immortal Shadow
Gender: Stallion (male)
Type of Pony: Alicorn
Appearance: (My Avatar is my OC appearance)
Skills: Fast learner, friendly, helpfull, trusting, trustworthy, and good problem solver
Cutie mark: (Just think of any symbol for Shadow)
Specializes in: Shadow Magic (darker, but not evil, versions of normal spells, increasing their streangth 20 times)

BIO: Son of Discord and Celestia. Fell asleep two days before Discord took over the first time. Woke up five days after Princess Twilight Sparkle defeated Tirek and got her castle. Woke up in the castle of the two sisters in a secret behind a wall room that no one, not even Celestia or Luna, knew about.
TheRabbitWhoHovers Featured By Owner Jul 4, 2014  Student Writer
Thanks for letting me join!
Ragnar-Tyrson Featured By Owner May 5, 2014
((here is my OC, am I supposed to wait for an invite or just click the join group button after this is accepted?))

Name:  Iron Fire
Gender: Male
Type of Pony: Pegasus
Appearence: Dark red body and with yellow mane and tail. His eye color is teal. Usually carries around bunch of stuff in two bags for each of his side.
Skills: Inventions, being resourceful and handling fire without magic
Cutie Mark: Fire with a single gear in it
Speclizes in: Automation Machines building
Bio: Iron Fire was born to a family that lived not far from ponyville. He was a bit odd, despite him having been born with fairly healthy wings he almost never flew, almost always just walking. He didn't speak till very late, less then few weeks before going to school. When he spoke for the first time it was discovered that he already knew how to read. The first thing he talked about was what he was supposed to do in the school he was going to. After that talk with his parents he went silent for a while till school started, and even then he almost never talked. He never seemed to listen to his teacher, always drawing something, his teacher telling his parents that he was plainly an idiot. The students often teased him over many things, his continuing failures in the shcool, his not impressive flying abilities, his weight and his lack of a cutie mark when the others started getting theirs. He hated being in school, not so much cause he was bad there, but cause he felt like he was always being judged. Eventually he stopped going to the school, but the teasing and the bullying didn't stop as he started walking to a closeby mountain to a cave there, though no one followed him into the cave cause it was dark and warm there. His parents weren't informed by his lack of absence as not even the teacher noticed either. He went to the gave again and again cause he found peace from all of the judgement others gave him. There he started to work on numerous stuff, numerous inventions, most of the first stuff he made were nothing more then just mishapen stuff but together, but eventually he started making some stuff that actually worked. He made them for fun, almost every day, smiling, however he hated the judgement of others more and more and started spending more and more time in the cave, eventually staying their permantly, making a living thanks to his inventions. He can be very shy when talking to others if they see him, as he finds others looking at him also means they are judging him, though he has such an exception to those he considers as friends. He usually tries to stay out of sight and usually hides, he has lost the extra weight he had as a child over the years but still wasn't an impressive flyer. He barely noticed when he got his cutie mark when he for the first time made a proper automated machine. He likes talking to others who are shy or can't see him for one or another reason. He also has easier time to talk with girls instead of boys as he found them different and therefor unlikely to judge him as what he is supposed to be but rather how he is different, or at least that is what he thinks. He doesn't like sports or other physical activities. He has also easier time talking to pegasies who also aren't great flyers, or other ponies who fall short in something that is supposed to be natural for them, as he can relate with them.
Dj-GeffectBrony Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
Name: Echo Rythmn
Gender: Male
Type: Alicorn (not overpowered trust me)

Appearance: light brown body color with a white and light grey striped mane and tail. hs eye color is purple (but a black spike birth mark on the bottom edges of both). and he usually has a headphone set reversly hanged on his neck. 

Skills: humor and making EDM music

Cutie mark: sheild with wings attached

Specializes in: Dancing

Bio: Echo "Dj Geffect" Rythmn is a kind hearted Aicorn from a small village not to far from ponyville. Where he can from Aicorns weren't really all that respected and were outcast. So for saftey reasons Echo's mther put a spell on horn to make him seem like a pegasus which he grew up to train in unaware of his magical abilities. Then his prarents departed him to ponyville to wth hs grandparents until he breaks the spell and learns to control  his magic and becomes a well rounded alicorn
Dj-GeffectBrony Featured By Owner May 1, 2014
sorry about the the spelling errors everypony
PastelTornado Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014

Name: Pastel Tornado


Type of Pony:Pegasus

Appearence:Pink Coat,Pastel rainbow mane and tail,rainbow colored wings,Pastel dark blue bow

Skills:Magic,Drawing,Coloring,Changing own body color,Wings Glow 

Cutie Mark:Pastel rainbow tornado

Speclizes in: Coloring

Bio:She lives in Ponville Her parents and big sister.She got her cutie mark when she colored a colorles tree using a pastel tornado that she made.She can do magic when she accidentally fell into a magic rainbow pond that can make her do magic and color thing without using coloring tools.
PastelTornado Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2014
Im sorry about the lick icon i forgot the space
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