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Welcome to MLP-OC-RP where you can RP with as many ponies as you can, it's unlimited! To make a pony this is required:

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Speclizes in:
Part of the Cutie Hunters?: (info here:… or in the FAQ)

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:bulletred:No trolling, spamming, or harassing of other members.
:bulletred: Try to keep the mature content on low. Anything that needs above the usual warning should probably not be in here. Blood and gore is OK, and so are mild suggestive themes, but nothing too bad, keep it PG-13. If we see something that's too harsh, we'll take it down.
:bulletred: Anything that is not allowed by DeviantArt is not allowed here, nuff said.
:bulletyellow: If we catch you violating the rules, we will warn you, if you persist, we will kick you out and ban you if it;s bad enough. (And if you do something very bad, I'll send the trolls after you!)
:bulletyellow: If someone's bothing you or we don't catch something that shouldn't be in the gallery, note us. It's completely anonymous and only the admins see it.


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Since, well, we have zero (as in 0, none, nada, cero) entries for the icon contest, I have another idea.
I, Dallas, can make pixel icon pretty well. I made my own icon for myself. So, if you would like, I can attempt to make an icon, but I need some help from my fellow bronies and pegasisters.

I need your permission to put one of your OCs in the icon. just comment below wiht a link to a picture of your OC, and I will try to make it happen!:la:

Also, Shark-tail-X will not be online as much, so I'm going to be the driving force in this place until she is. If you ahve any questions, comments, or concerns, come to me, please!

Thank you and lvoe,
Co-Founder in Cheif
Ok so I think we didn't think this contest throughly enough so I will extend it to Febuaray 28th. I guess by then there will be more members who will partiitpate in this contest. We also need more artwork. So please submit as much artwrok of your pony/brony OC AS POSSIBLE:3

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MarchanMoon Featured By Owner May 19, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Wispy Micah Petals
Gender: Mare 
Type of Pony: Pegasus
Skills: Gardening, baking, flower arrangement, hair styling, and flower decorations
Cutie Mark: Bunch of flowers blowing through the wind
Specializes in: Flower Pollination


*Many Large Dragons
*Taking Naps
*Many flowers


*Boring days
*Cold weathers
*Judgmental Ponies
*Show offs
*Conceited Ponies


*Poor eyesight
*Poor Bladder
*Fears dogs
*Fears staring ponies


She's just not kind and sweet, she has a rather outgoing personality. She does enjoy hanging around party goers and she's even comfortable to hang around the greatest party pony Pinkie Pie. Micah is not the romantic type and won't just fall in love so easily she dislikes romance since it's weird to her and how ponies would just smash their muzzles together. It gives her the chills. She more likely can't stand a pony who is conceited and cruel to others and herself. She won't accept them as good ponies and especially the ones who judge her scar. She loves her scar and it makes her seem unique. Even though she feels that she shouldn't show it yet until she feels confident enough to open up. She loves a little challenge in flower arrangements but when somepony is out there showing off she won't be too kind to them and she's known to carry grudges that lasts as long as three months until she forgets about it and starts over. She has a problem not to carry grudges against ponies and it's bad for her but she can't handle it and it hurts a lot and it makes it hard to keep friends when she holds grudges so easily. She wants to learn to forgive others and forget all about the grudges and so she can feel good around other ponies who can be helped with her bouquet of flowers. 


Micah was born in Las Pegasus when she was a foal before her father went bankrupt. He worked in a hat shop and sales were going so well before another competitor arrived and took a lot of his customers and he's been getting less and less sales which he couldn't afford to keep the shop and support his family so he had to take Micah and his wife to ponyville to start off fresh. Micah on the other hand grew up in a normal life until she started to become more delinquent after flight camp and she started to become more of a hassle towards her parents and other ponies alike. She would play with fire, wear her mane in a Mohawk, she would start fights with colts and fillies, she wouldn't get along with anyone until after her freak accident with hairspray and a match and that she learned her lesson. She grew under her parents care, learning the odds and ends in hat making but until she realized that this wasn't something she likes doing. At one night she wanted to get her cutiemark and so she went out to try everything during the night until nothing happened and she went home, tired. She would try again in the daytime. Practicing flying and swooping here and there until she passes up a group of flowers and carried off their pollen and went to another group of flowers pollinating them. Until she realized that her flank is glowing and she sees a cutiemark stamped on her flank and man she was happy that she fell into a small pond. She came up squealing like crazy until she ran off home to tell her parents. Till this day she flies around helping the bees at times when it's harsh for them to pollinate the flowers she would help them and also hybridize some flowers to make some of the prettiest ones for her new flower shop.
AdamAnimationz Featured By Owner Feb 22, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
Any active role players? ^^ if so could we start one somewhere? ^^ c: i really want to rp but everyone is either inactive or busy :c
yesianya Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Lined Love
Gender: Female
Type of Pony: Unicorn
Appearance: Soft white coat with a little pink showing. Hot pink-ish mane that only reaces a part of her neck. She wears a knitted rainbow scarf and has orange eyes.
Skills: Painting, knitting, swimming, plays a violin, is smart but usually keeps it to herself.
Cutie Mark: Paint brush with rainbow paint on the tip and a rainbow above it. The cutie mark means how even though she is shy, she tries to make everyone see their creativeness and how much better they are then they think.
Specializes in: Art
Bio: When she was filly, she was way too shy and sometimes mean to other ponies. After she showed her true colors, she felt like a better person. She started to paint a lot and after a while she helped other ponies; Thus earning her cutie-mark. She grew up in Fillydelphia, but had to move all the way to Ponyville, leaving all her friends behind. She found many ponies there including an enemy that eventually started a romantic relationship with. She opened up her shop with her father, but her life isn't very exciting in general.
pokeczarelf Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2015
Name: Excalibur
Alias: Don Excalibur, Slayer of Evil
Gender: Male
Type of Pony: Earth Pony
Appearence: silver trench coat with gray fedora hat red mane and scarlet tail, yellow eyes
Skills: Master of Swordsmanship
Cutie Mark: Crossed Broadsword 
Jobs: Commando of the Royal Guard(current), Leader of Rogue Syndicate(formerly)
Speclizes in: excellent tactics and strategies throughout any battles
Bio: Excalibur was born in Gartino, Ficily in 1925 into a very poor family. A few years later, his father decided that they should move to America where they can start a new life. Sadly, even in their new found home in Empire Bay, they couldn't escape poverty. While in school, Excalibur met a boy named Barbaron, who had a gang. Excalibur challenged Barbaron to a fight and Barbaron took a shine to Excalibur. They quickly became friends. Barbaron, being a year older, protected Excalibur from bullies, for he was a bully himself. The pair became close friends and have always looked out for each other; they now trust each other with their lives. In 1943, Excalibur and Barbaron attempted to rob a jewelry store; however, a police officer caught them in the act. The two attempted to run away, but Excalibur was caught, while Barbaron escaped. Seeing that Excalibur was a Ficilian immigrant with an understanding of Italia, the police gave him the option of staying in jail or serving in the Royal Army in the Italia campaigns. Deciding that he didn't want to serve a sentence in jail, he chose the army. He was drafted into the 504th Parachute Infantry Regiment that served in the liberation of Ficily.
theviolingal12 Featured By Owner May 10, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Prima Vivace
Nickname: Diabla Roja, Phantom
Gender: Female
Type: Earth Pony
Appearance: Cream coat, brown hair, simple mane and tail-style. Has two scars over her right eye, which is green, and tries to cover it, leaving her left eye, which is gold, visible.
Skills: Master of the violin, is resourceful and very hard to beat in a battle (even if you're a very OP alicorn)
Cutie Mark: Bass-Treble clef heart. Rainbow Power Prima has a winged one that can fly off as a separate being, her companion.
Specializes in: Music. 
Accessories: The Rebel's Blood (Hair Bead, allowing her the Devil's Rage to keep Mexicolt's barrier up with her sister), Pitchcloak (Pitch-black cloak)
Home: Mexicolt
Job: Defender, Musician, daughter to the Rebel
Bio: (This... might require you grab some popcorn.)
Prima Allegra Vivace grew up with her sister. Both mares had cream coats and dark brown manes, but Trilla del Tremolo was a pegasus. Unlike her sister, Prima was harsh, brash, bold and ready to brawl, which got her into trouble with her school's bullies. Day by day, they'd pick on her. Most of them had dark coats with striped red and gold manes and tails. They were all from the same family. Each day, they'd hold Prima against her will and hang her up on the tallest tree by her hooves. Trilla often had to fly over to help her little sister out.

The bullies found this all in good fun, but Prima wanted something to get them back - hard. She knew of the old mare's tale of the Witch of Mexicolt. It was said that she buried the phantom strings here in this village where Prima lived, and that whoever found it would have unimaginable powers. Prima set out one day to find them, and was instantly led to the ancient tree while her cousin Fortissima helped her look.

She dug for three full days, until she hit a large metal chest. The clank from her armored hooves and the metal rang through the whole village. All the ponies opened their shutters and windows and watched as the little filly lifted the box. It was engraved with an old violin piece. Fortissima put what was believed to be a cursed violin into Prima's hoof. As Prima played, the complex locks on the chest started to unwravel and the lid opened.

"To whoever finds these strings: I am the Witch of Mexicolt. You've clearly heard my legend. But carry these words carefully. You, villagers, have your new defender. The priestess will return, and I will soon be with you again. In this filly, Prima Vivace, lies the true power to possess these strings. And for it, I deem her worthy of playing the phantom and shadow violins. The phantom violin carries power beyond recognition. Its songs follow your will. The shadow violin is most durable, and is blessed with an awakening sound. You will know which to use to awaken the Rebel, Prima." a voice from the box arose. It was calm and soothing, and had a motherly tone. Two black violins - one with black strings and one with gold strings fell into Prima's hooves while the village looked on.

"This little filly? Our new defender? Hah! I bet somepony here was playin' a little prank on us!" Gold Blood snickered, walking towards Prima. Prima's back was turned to the bully. Gold Blood was about to snatch the two violins away from Prima, when the defender's head turned in a flash of red lightning. Her eyes were solid red and her mane was longer. Gold Blood stood back and made another move for the violins, but was instantly thrown back by a single wave of music notes running free from Prima's hooves. Gold Blood flew through the inner wood wall and cracked a part of the mid metal wall. Prima's red eyes seemed darkened and evil, and a fanged grin crawled across her face.

Over the side of the wall, a cat climbed up onto it. She had purple spots and a ringed tail. A loud clank was heard on the other side. Several guards held up their spears to the sound. The cat was soon side-by-side with a sapphire pony - Lyrica Luxury Leopard, the Witch of Mexicolt. Lyrica's leopard markings glowed through her dark cape. She reached the top of the wall and leaped over, landing not too far from Prima.

Prima's red aura started to dissipate as Lyrica came closer to her. Gold Blood's eyes widened. Did Prima really just summon the Witch of Mexicolt? Lyrica put her hoof onto Prima's spiked mane. The aura had disappeared and gone into Lyrica's red crescent necklace. Prima looked up at Lyrica, whose mane was long. Lyrica's cat, Snowy Paw, came and gave Prima a golden key. The guards saw the key and ran to Prima and Lyrica.

"Stop! That key unlocks the doors to the sacred temple of the Priestess' Statue!" the guards yelled, holding their spears forward. Lyrica turned around and her pink aura turned blood-red. She threw a red fire barrier through the guards, paralyzing them temporarily.

"And who do I look like?" Lyrica threw off her cape, revealing that she looked almost exactly like the dormant Priestess.

"Is that the Rebel?" other ponies murmured. Prima looked up at Lyrica's eyes.

"No, I'm not. I'm a part of her. I have this key... this was a gift from her on my last birthday before I buried the strings and went dormant. She said I would need it and sent me a wakeup call at this point in time. Like me, Prima and Trilla have a part of the Rebel in them." Lyrica said.

"Those two troublemakers?" Red Hawk yelled from above.

"Don't think I didn't notice all of this, you thief." Lyrica shot a red case around Red Hawk and turned to Prima again. "This might not be easy for you or any of the rest of your village to process, but we'll prove it as soon as we get to the temple. Prima Allegra Vivace... you have the power of my strings, and the heart and power of a true Rebel. Not only are you the next defender, but you're the Rebel's Daughter." 
Lyrica, Trilla, Prima and Fortissima were followed by a swarm of ponies as they made their way to the temple. Unlocking the doors, Lyrica swung them open and walked to the life-size Rebel Statue.

"That there's just a statue, ma'am. There ain't nothin' useful here that'll bring our priestess back." Beaker said.

"That's no statue... that's the Rebel." Prima sat in front of the statue. From its horn dangled a chain of gold with the Rebel's gem on it. She circled the statue and placed her glowing hoof on the torn-off cutie mark of the Rebel, which was stained with hardened blood. It lightly glowed and the Rebel's color started to return. Lyrica held her necklace to the Rebel's and the stone casing on the priestess flew off of her.

"Whew! Ten thousand years will give you such a crick in the neck!" the Rebel twisted her neck from side to side and walked down. Shaking herself awake, she gave Lyrica a hug and spotted Trilla and Prima. Her eyes watered and she ran to them, giving them both a warm embrace. "I thought I'd never see my daughters again...Thank you Lyrica, for bringing them back to me. Now, I have a gift for you."

"Wait, what? You've given me just about anything I could-" Lyrica paused at the sight of a green unicorn with gray eyes and a long purple mane. The green unicorn looked around, her music note tattoo glowing like Lyrica's leopard marks. Lyrica ran to the green unicorn and gave her a huge hug. "I missed you so much, big sis!"
Gen-SilverChicken Featured By Owner Apr 27, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
how active are people on here?
pokemaniac33 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Prismspell

Gender: Male


Appearance: Blue body, brown hair, and baby blue eyes

Skills: Very skilled at magic graduated with honors from princess celestias school for gifted unicorns, writes books, reads a lot

Cutie Mark: a book with a quill beside it

Specializes in transformation magic

Bio: He was enrolled in Princess celestia's school for gifted unicorns as a young colt. He had a one sided rivalry with twilight sparkle and still hates her to this day. when he found out twilight had become an alicorn he summoned dark magic causing a hurricane in his home city of phillydelphia.
Dibs1337 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2015  Student
Name: Blazing 'Blaze' Feathers

Gender: Male

Type of Pony: Pegasus

Appearance: black coat/fur, blonde mane/tail, red feathers, blue eyes, and three scratch marks (griffon claw scratch) down right eye.

Skills: protector of the unprotected and defenseless, able to cheer up and calm most ponies. Able to turn feathered portion of wings into fire. 

Cutie Mark: Burning pegasus wing

Speclizes in: protecting and helping others, flying super fast, and stunts.

Sorry if bio is long... (9_9) /)

Blaze lived in Canterlot for a short while, but moved to a small town that wasn't finished yet. His father was given a job there to assist in building the town, and decided to move there because it was close enough to Canterlot for him to just take a train to work. 
Blaze got excited one day that his teacher cancelled school from being really sick, and nopony could sub that day, but while his small wings flapped, a few sparks came off his wings. Since that day the bullies called him "Flicker" in many teasing ways. 
Blaze's wings got strong enough to let him fly, and every minute he could he learned different maneuvers from his mother, or just plain flew around to raise his speed, and endurance. One day he was flying so fast he left a short tail of fire behind him, and when he landed he noticed 2 things. his wings were on FIRE, but after a while Blaze discovered that HE could make his wings go ablaze and go out when he wanted to. And then he saw he had his cutie mark.
Blaze was so excited he rushed home to show his parents, and when he did he was in the doorway of the kitchen where his parents were talking. He showed them his cutie mark, and then what he could do with his wings, but in doing so he started a fire and was told to leave the house. 
He lost everything that day, but he did everything he could to live his life as happily as he could, but he broke one day and his wings flared up during his outburst, and many from the town saw, and knew he caused the fire on his house and deemed him a "freak" and a "monster". The towns ponies surrounded him against an unfinished building, making him flare his wings to create an opening to escape the town, and lived going town to town feeling guilty for being the cause of the death of his parents, and made a promise to himself to NEVER let a pony be sad or hurt if he can help it.

His scars on his right eye were from helping an injured pegasus mare from a violent griffon in the everfree forest on the day he turned 19. He got scratched when he used himself as a shield for the mare when the griffon charged at her in the middle of their fight, but he managed to run the griffon off and walked the mare back to town, to make sure she would be safe.

AngelfireStitches Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
How do I use the chatroom?0-0
AngelfireStitches Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Artistic Stitches
Gender: Female
Type of Pony: Pegasus
Appearance: Green with yellow spots on her cheeks, front and back legs, purple mane and tail, golden orange eyes, stitches over her left eye
Skills: She's good at making people happy, she loves to draw and create things, she also plays the drums
Cutie Mark: A hot pink heart with wings, a paint brush and a pencil are in the shape of an X over the heart
Speclizes in: Writing is her special talent
Bio: Artistic Stitches was born into a family of three, the small green pegasus was held by her caring mother, Petal Feather. Petal Feather herself was a white pegasus with golden mane and tail, being a nurse her cutie mark is the medical cross with golden wings. She always did her best, even when their family of three, became two. Stitches was far too young to understand, but her mother was concerned for her filly. As Stitches grew, Petal did her best to raise the uppity little pegasus. Five years had passed before Petal met a wonderful colt by the name of Dusty. Dusty was a simple earth pony, his brown coat, dirty blonde mane, gouty, and tail didn't help with that fact either. Stitches however was more curious of the filly that he almost always had with him. This young filly was named Feather Sketch, surprisingly a young pegasus like Stitches. Feather Sketch was a turquoise pegasus with brown mane and tail, her hazel eyes seemed to always be directed at the ground. Soon Petal and Dusty were married, but the two young fillies did not like that. Getting along they found, was harder than it looks when it comes to siblings. But as they grew they found something they had in common, art. The two Pegasi got their cutie marks through art, happy to be supportive sisters. Stitches pecan to pour herself into books and took up writing. When she was old enough, she left with her best friend, Dark Heart. Leaving her home in Cloudsdale to move to Manehatten and go to a university to pursue her dream in writing. Graduating four years later, she published her first book. To This day she continues to publish and create. 
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