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Welcome to MLP-OC-RP where you can RP with as many ponies as you can, it's unlimited! To make a pony this is required:

Type of Pony:
Cutie Mark:
Speclizes in:
Part of the Cutie Hunters?: (info here:… or in the FAQ)

Questions? Check here:…

Citizens of Ponyville:…

:bulletred:No trolling, spamming, or harassing of other members.
:bulletred: Try to keep the mature content on low. Anything that needs above the usual warning should probably not be in here. Blood and gore is OK, and so are mild suggestive themes, but nothing too bad, keep it PG-13. If we see something that's too harsh, we'll take it down.
:bulletred: Anything that is not allowed by DeviantArt is not allowed here, nuff said.
:bulletyellow: If we catch you violating the rules, we will warn you, if you persist, we will kick you out and ban you if it;s bad enough. (And if you do something very bad, I'll send the trolls after you!)
:bulletyellow: If someone's bothing you or we don't catch something that shouldn't be in the gallery, note us. It's completely anonymous and only the admins see it.


:bulletblack: Contest :bulletblack:
-Icon contest: coming soon

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Since, well, we have zero (as in 0, none, nada, cero) entries for the icon contest, I have another idea.
I, Dallas, can make pixel icon pretty well. I made my own icon for myself. So, if you would like, I can attempt to make an icon, but I need some help from my fellow bronies and pegasisters.

I need your permission to put one of your OCs in the icon. just comment below wiht a link to a picture of your OC, and I will try to make it happen!:la:

Also, Shark-tail-X will not be online as much, so I'm going to be the driving force in this place until she is. If you ahve any questions, comments, or concerns, come to me, please!

Thank you and lvoe,
Co-Founder in Cheif
Ok so I think we didn't think this contest throughly enough so I will extend it to Febuaray 28th. I guess by then there will be more members who will partiitpate in this contest. We also need more artwork. So please submit as much artwrok of your pony/brony OC AS POSSIBLE:3

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AngelfireStitches Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
How do I use the chatroom?0-0
AngelfireStitches Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Name: Artistic Stitches
Gender: Female
Type of Pony: Pegasus
Appearance: Green with yellow spots on her cheeks, front and back legs, purple mane and tail, golden orange eyes, stitches over her left eye
Skills: She's good at making people happy, she loves to draw and create things, she also plays the drums
Cutie Mark: A hot pink heart with wings, a paint brush and a pencil are in the shape of an X over the heart
Speclizes in: Writing is her special talent
Bio: Artistic Stitches was born into a family of three, the small green pegasus was held by her caring mother, Petal Feather. Petal Feather herself was a white pegasus with golden mane and tail, being a nurse her cutie mark is the medical cross with golden wings. She always did her best, even when their family of three, became two. Stitches was far too young to understand, but her mother was concerned for her filly. As Stitches grew, Petal did her best to raise the uppity little pegasus. Five years had passed before Petal met a wonderful colt by the name of Dusty. Dusty was a simple earth pony, his brown coat, dirty blonde mane, gouty, and tail didn't help with that fact either. Stitches however was more curious of the filly that he almost always had with him. This young filly was named Feather Sketch, surprisingly a young pegasus like Stitches. Feather Sketch was a turquoise pegasus with brown mane and tail, her hazel eyes seemed to always be directed at the ground. Soon Petal and Dusty were married, but the two young fillies did not like that. Getting along they found, was harder than it looks when it comes to siblings. But as they grew they found something they had in common, art. The two Pegasi got their cutie marks through art, happy to be supportive sisters. Stitches pecan to pour herself into books and took up writing. When she was old enough, she left with her best friend, Dark Heart. Leaving her home in Cloudsdale to move to Manehatten and go to a university to pursue her dream in writing. Graduating four years later, she published her first book. To This day she continues to publish and create. 
Valecad10 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2015
Name: Starshine 
Gender: Female
Type of Pony: Alicorn
Appearence: earthly green coat with light blue mane and tail with a purple stripe with a gold necklace with a blue gem, purple eyes
Skills: can do every magic, teleport to other world, fix spells, turn into many creatures, do a lot of changes and powerful powers and a magical necklace she wears
Cutie Mark: similar to Twilight's but it was yellow
Speclizes in: making everything better and helping others and protecting everypony she loved
Bio: She was born a human girl named Valeria but she got turned into a alicorn with a necklace and her little sister Marian got turned into a male baby winged dragon with red scales, yellow spine, orange belly and fins and green eyes with a green pendant, they went to Equestria and Valeria renamed herself Starshine and Marian Fireblaze, she made friends with some ponies, Boltfire, Jadeshard, Cloudbuster, Groundkicker and Flowerbloom but when they nearly got crushed by a boulder, necklaces similar to Starshine emerged from a tomb and went to their necks, making the, alicorns and saving their lives, Starshine and Fireblaze help them do their new powers and discovering new worlds.
Winds-of-Autumn Featured By Owner Dec 8, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Windsong
Gender: Female
Type of Pony: Alicorn
Appearence: White coat with blue & brown mane & tail
Skills: Can walk on water's surface, shrink self, & send messages to allies via the wind
Cutie Mark: A treble clef with 3 heart-shaped quarter notes
Speclizes in: Singing & helping those in need
Bio: For an alicorn, she's the opposite of expected. Her powers are few & weak, & this includes her ability to fly. She's somewhat of a loner, though she longs for close friendships. Most of her time is spent wandering the woodlands & singing to herself. She's extremely shy, yet she can be fierce if someone she cares about is in danger, & she has come to realize that the stronger the bond she shares with another pony, the stronger her abilities become. She longs to fly more than she can express, but she has yet to experience more than gliding a short distance. She's also terrified of most aquatic life & tends to stay away from deep waters.
PrinceFullmoon Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2014  Student
Name: Prince Fullmoon
Gender: Male
Type of Pony: Alicorn
Appearance: Dark blue coat, Flowing grey mane for facial details look at my avatar
Skills: Able to use the most powerful of spells
Cutie Mark: A full moon
Speclizes in: Hiding in shadows
Bio: Fullmoon was not always an alicorn.  He used to be a unicorn just like Twilight.  Prince Fullmoon is married to Princess Luna and has helped her with everything she has needed since they got engaged.  He is 1,000 years old.
LunarChristy Featured By Owner Oct 19, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Happyness12 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happyness12 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Happyness12 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Cotton candy also wants to be a wonderbolt.
Happyness12 Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Name: Cotton Candy
Gender: Female
Type of Pony: Pegasus
Appearence: post above
Skills: Being braggy and overly confident
Cutie Mark: None yet. Is still in school
Speclizes in: being popular
Bio: She was a pony in clouds dale, always being bullied. She moved to ponyvill and hides her wing under her hair to look like a normal pony.
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